A Draught of a piece of land in Portsmouth late the property of Giles Slocum

Collection: Flaherty Sheet Map Collection

Title: A draught of a piece of land in Portsmouth late property of Giles Slocum Esqr. deceased containd sixteen acres and twenty five rods now divided between three of his daughters according to his will as above measured & divided the 14th of the 11th mo. called Novembr 1795 by John Gould surveyr.

Barcode: 50365

Image Number: 50365.0001

Surveyor: Gould, John

Publishing Location: Portsmouth, Rhode Island

Date Produced: November 14th, 1795

Language: English

Map Type: Manuscript maps

Dimensions: 31 x 34 cm on cardboard 36 x 39 cm

Brief Description: Hand colored compass rose on survey. Shows the division of the land between Giles Slocum's three daughters: Elizabeth Easton, Phebe Slocum and Ann Lawton.

Collection/Donor: Flaherty

Permanent URL: http://www.oshermaps.org/map/50365.0001