In 1850, the City of Portland invested $80,000 in creating a new waterfront. This resulted in large brick and granite business blocks and warehouses along Commercial Street. The owners of these new structures featured their businesses on bill heads through detailed architectural engravings. These provide a graphic record of major nineteenth century Portland commercial buildings, many of which are still in use today as documented in the accompanying photographs.

William Widgery Thomas Block

William Widgery Thomas Block, 1873 94-96 Commercial Street -
John W. Perkins & Co.

Elias Thomas Block

Elias Thomas Block, 1860
102-132 Commercial Street
L.C. Briggs Co.

Nathaniel Blanchard - William Moulton Block

Nathaniel Blanchard - William Moulton Block, 1856
109-111 Commercial Street
W.L. Blake & Co.

William Moulton Block

William Moulton Block, 1851
157-163 Commercial Street
H.S. Melcher Co.

Nathaniel Ross-John Lynch Block

Nathaniel Ross-John Lynch Block, 1854
209-213 Commercial Street
Ross & Lynch

Smith, Hersey and Company Block

Smith, Hersey and Company Block, 1852
241-243 Commercial Street
Fletcher & Co.

John Mussey Block

John Mussey Block, 1885
251-255 Commercial Street
J.B. Donnell Co.

Richardson Wharf Company Block

Richardson Wharf Company Block, 1864-65, 1867
269-273 Commercial Street
Twitchell, Champlin Co.

Baxter-Davis Block

Baxter-Davis Block, 1902
295-309 Commercial Street
Milliken, Tomlinson Co.

Twitchell-Champlin Company Warehouse

Twitchell-Champlin Company Warehouse
Commercial Street (former Cumberland Cold Storage Building)